Our values
  • We take all our efforts to build long-term and trustful partnership.
  • We strive for the best results and we quickly handle any problem.
  • We are flexible: we use an individual approach to business and peculiarities of each client, we are always open for discussion.

Contribution to the development of export on the international scene
Large export volume
Accurate quality control of products
Quickly handle any problem
LLC Predgorye KYA is an agricultural trade company exporting cereal grains and cereal products to China via railway and by sea.
Since 2019 the company has been rapidly developing partnership with international companies. Now the company is exporting to China grain products produced by large Russian grain processing companies. About 2500 tons of products were exported in 2020. In 2021 we are planning to export about 10 000 tons. In 2022 the goal is to export 20 000 tons.